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Nuclear Medicine Discovery

The Association is a non profit organization that aims to study, disseminate and coordinate new research and scientific-teaching activities in the field of imaging techniques applied to oncology, endocrinology, inflammation, infections, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, hematology and orthopedics.

May provide health care in oncology and nuclear medicine with the goal of creating a databases that may facilitate the acquisition of information on techniques, drugs and research, promoting better information. It may expand in the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic fields. Activities will be specifically targeted toward people with cancer diseases, endocrine and lymphoid neoplasms, inflammatory, infectious, organ-specific and systemic diseases.

We collaborate with important National and International public or private entities for the management of funds for scientific research and for research projects. We provide awards, scholarships or travel grants, to young fellows and we have collaboration agreements of various kinds. Among the institutional activities, we organize scientific conferences, courses and seminars in Italy and abroad.


Clinical Nuclear Medicine update in orthopaedics, cardiovascular disease and prostate carcinoma

This new event organised by Nu.Me.D. in the Hotel Nettuno, Catania, Italy, from June 1 to 2, 12018, with the scientific supervision of Dr. Sveva Aulet... more

Scientific Seminar

We are pleased to announce a free special scientific seminar dedicated to “Tumor microenvironment and imaging of T-cells”. The seminar will take place... more

Nuclear Medicine Discovery in 2014

Dear members of NuMeD.
We have in program several important activities for 2017.
We are now updating our website in which you will soon find t... more

New legal seat and head office

This is to announce that since the end of October 2015 the legal seat of the association and its headquarter office is located in Via Lucilio 53 - 001... more